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Psychedelic Healing Ceremony with "magic" truffles

Psychedelic Healing Ceremony with "magic" truffles

16 Oct 10:00 - 19 Mar 21:00

Hopweg 21, 21 Hopweg, Bant, Nederland


Prijs €149,00

You're invited to join a safe, legal, "magic" truffle ceremony in a teepee in nature. In Bant, The Netherlands (an hour from Amsterdam).

You're invited to join a safe, legal, "magic" truffle ceremony in a tipi in nature, just outside of Amsterdam.

Would you be looking to explore the depths of your being, expand your vision, raise your consciousness?

There’s a reason why all big achievers (like Steve Jobs), and many big writers, movie directors, artists, musicians, all have explored consciousness using psychedelics. 

This one-day-retreat offers a

  • safe
  • professional
  • 100% legal
  • shamanic but scientific

way of exploring psychedelics (truffles), applied for personal growth and spiritual healing.

A screening is done before the ceremony - contra-indications like use of medication, depression and pregnancy, apply.

Shamans around the world have been doing plant medicine ceremonies for centuries. Truffles have always remained legal in The Netherlands. 

We do these ceremonies with an intention of healing. To walk our inner path, grow personally and spiritually.

About the ceremony

The ceremony is held in a shamanic way, with integration of modern science and safety protocols regarding the use of psychedelics. 

While this is a safe way to experience truffles, we do not do these ceremonies merely for "the experience". We walk our inner path of spiritual growth and growth of consciousness. 

We will gather at 10am in the morning at the teepee in Bant (an hour from Amsterdam).

The ceremony will be until 6pm - 7pm. Snacks will be served after ceremony. There's no kitchen available in the forest so we're just providing snacks. It's recommended you bring your own food for after the ceremony.

We will support you in your integration after the ceremony.

We close around 9pm latest.

Bring an open heart and your joy, and feel welcome to go on a deep inner journey together.

Maximum participants

Strictly limited to 12 participants.